Unity Step 8

Gamblers Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service centres may employ special workers

Gamblers Anonymous operates on the principle that compulsive gamblers can best help each other recover without the use of outside professional services. Gamblers Anonymous members believe that they are the most qualified to conduct the Fellowship’s affairs.

The validity of professional therapy is not in question. Gamblers Anonymous members are free to seek outside help, if they so choose. However, if professional therapists were to operate within the Fellowship, their views might conflict with Gamblers Anonymous principles.

 By remaining non-professional, Gamblers Anonymous avoids the controversies that would inevitably arise.

It becomes quite clear there is a need to employ special workers to handle the necessary functions of an office designed to fulfill certain responsibilities to Gamblers Anonymous. However, the principle concept is our responsibility to a new member- counseling, guidance, pressure meetings, etc., as well as the need to create an awareness for others that there is a recovery program through Gamblers Anonymous – should remain free of any financial remuneration, keeping in mind that we must put back what we received.