Unity Step 5

Gamblers Anonymous has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the compulsive gambler who still suffers

Personal direction and purpose of life are often different for each of us but hopefully we shall remember that the one common bond of responsibility that we share on a group level is to carry the message of hope to the compulsive gambler who still suffers.

It should be noted that the suffering compulsive gambler can be sitting next to you at your meeting as well as those who have never heard of Gamblers Anonymous.

Reaching compulsive gamblers is a major goal around which the members of Gamblers Anonymous gather in unity. The perpetuation of the Fellowship depends on the practice of this principle.

The reason for this singleness of purpose is to maximize the efficiency of the Fellowship’s efforts to carry its message to suffering compulsive gamblers, in or outside of the Fellowship. The gift of recovery works best when it is shared.