Unity Step 2

Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern

Gamblers Anonymous relies primarily on group conscience to keep it functioning. Leaders with the Fellowship are entrusted to carry out the will and conscience of the group. They have assigned responsibilities but they act only within the authority granted to them by the group.

We shall be held responsible if we elect irresponsible Trusted Servants who cannot serve the group in the manner determined by the “Ultimate Authority” which is the spiritual concept of “Group Conscience”.

They are not elected to command, order, demand, change, alter but simply to serve and express the opinions determined by the group through a conscious consideration of opinions expressed by all members of that group. Trusted Servants in each group are rotated, so that each of us may be reminded and remember that we serve for the good of all, without authority over anyone.

Ego and pride tend to become lost if one listens to the Group conscience. Acceptance is the spirit and trait which can carry one through.