Step 10

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

Personal inventory is a continuing process of self-evaluation, encouraging the individual to make self-searching a habit, thereby increasing self-awareness. This personal inventory is a repeated assessment of one’s attitudes and actions towards others as well as towards oneself. This should not be limited to an analysis of negative aspects of character but should include an appreciation of positive traits as well.

Step 10 calls for members to continuously evaluate themselves for wrongdoings that they commit. Once recognized, member find it beneficial to promptly admit to these wrongdoings.

The timely acknowledgement of the wrongs that a member has committee leads to a catharsis of the anxiety, depression and sense of loneliness experienced prior to recognizing the wrongdoing.

In this step, members are enabled to make choices, find solutions to problems that arise, keep things in perspective, develop self-restraint, accept what they don’t have and take responsibility for their own actions. Practicing the 10th step of the Recovery Program helps change behavior patterns, discourages harboring negative emotions and encourages the devlopment of self-esteem and other positive emotions. The ongoing process of self-appraisal promotes emotional health and maturation.