Step 1

We admitted we were powerless over Gambling- That our lives had become unmanageable

In the 1st step of the Recovery Program, members admit their powerlessness over gambling and learn to accept the truth about compulsive gambling – – that it is an incurable progressive illness which only can be arrested through total abstinence from gambling.

Members acknowledge that they were powerless to control their lives when gambling dominated their actions. Through this admission, members gain the inner strength to deal with their problems and face responsibilities. In Step 1, compulsive gamblers are asked to accept the fact that their lives had become unmanageable.

Members acknowledge that the gambling illness disrupted their financial stability and many other aspects of their lives, including family, work and tohter personal relationships. The admission and acceptance that come with Step 1 are pre-requisite to controlling the destructive behavior caused by compulsive gambling.

The 1st step of the Recovery Program is just as important to someone who has abstained for a considerable period of time as it is to a newcomer. By regularly reviewing Step 1, members are reminded of the past so that they will not repeat it.